May 31, 2023

About Me


Growing up in a village, I was always fascinated by the beauty of nature. The plants, the animals, and how their interaction enhances the beauty of nature. My interest in this grew with time. And as a child, I adored those who do gardening. I remember there was a field near my home where people grew different trees and plants of different fruits and vegetables. Watching them do that, I had a dream to become a gardener.

My mother was also fond of gardening so she started kitchen gardening. Right outside the kitchen, there was a small garden. There, my mother started planting trees and took care of them by trimming their branches when needed. She made sure to prevent them from the attack of insects and other organisms.

Since childhood, I have been a very workaholic child who has always been eager to learn about gardening. And the purpose of creating this blog is just to let the readers know about the value of gardening. To others, gardening seems simple such as, just sowing seeds, watering, and growing plants. But to me, it’s a totally different thing. Gardening is not as easy as it seems. There is much more that goes into growing plants, than simply sowing the seeds, adding little water, and letting the sun do the rest. In short, it’s easier said than done.

To overcome the misconception of people about gardening here I would like to mention that gardening is not a joke but an art that needs to be learned with love. It requires many efforts and a good deal of knowledge. So, basically, every gardener knows that each plant has different requirements for optimal growth.

This includes the amount of water required for plants, different types of soil needed, the amount of sunlight, and some nutrient inputs. To add more, it’s also about learning when and how to plant, trim and harvest each plant. As a beginner in the field, you must learn about the plant’s requirements you wish to grow. This learning experience is very benefitting. I have been through it and sharing my experience in words here. However, as you learn more year to year you begin to understand how best to harvest and grow certain plants.

When the gardening is done correctly, it gives fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and what-not. Gardening is done for several reasons. People do it for relaxation, producing fresh fruits and vegetables, or for growing beautiful flowers. This way of playing beautifully with nature keeps the gardeners connected with the world around them.

Out there are thousands of people who want to start gardening but are unsure about it. To help them in accomplishing their dream of doing gardening, I came up with the idea of creating a blog from where people can take tips related to gardening. Not only this, but I thought that my journey of gardening may encourage others to get started. This blog and my love for gardening may become a source of learning for many.

Here, I will share the story of myself, a village girl becoming a gardener in the city. Before, moving into the city, I thought life there will be fast-paced and how will I adapt to the modern lifestyle, it will be too much for me. But fortunately, nature gifted me an opportunity to play with it and that’s how it began.

When I grew up, we moved into the city side. There, I studied and got settled. However, one day I found out that one of my neighbors was a gardener by hobby. I met him and I told him about my village and my interest in gardening. I was surprised to see his gardening skills. He does gardening with passion and enthusiasm and had a beautiful garden. After seeing his passion, I became more eager to start gardening and started doing it.

To start gardening in my new home, I started growing plants on my balcony. I grew roses and a few other indoor plants. Slowly and gradually I moved from indoor gardening to outdoor. There’s a small garden outside my home. With the guidance of my mom and the neighbor, I grew some vegetable and flowering plants.

I took a lot of useful tips from my neighbor and whenever, I went to his place I used to collect saplings for my garden. And now I have a full-fledged garden that has so many colorful flowers, vegetables, and plants. Moreover, I spent most of my time buying seeds, pots, soils, plants, composts, and what-not for my garden. And you won’t believe that a time came when I spent most of my free time sitting in the garden, watching my babies (plants) grow and bloom. In fact, I loved doing romance with nature which I still do.

And even now, my mornings start in the garden. The moment I wake up, I enter the garden, breathe in some fresh air and start my day by watering the plants. I love watching the butterflies hovering on the flowers and flies beaming above the plants. And I guess it’s the best way of beginning a day. I have a habit of talking to my plants because I feel like they understand what I say. The sight of my garden is amazingly refreshing.

In my view gardening is one of the best hobbies and lucky are those who pursue their hobbies and make the most out of them. Gardening helps in strengthening health, builds up stamina, and boosts the immune system. For me, gardening has always been a great way of alleviating stress and spending leisure time.

And the main purpose of my gardening blog is to aware people of the benefits of gardening and what role it has played and is still playing in my life. And after all these years, gardening has become an integral part of my life and is the reason for my happiness.

So, that’s all about my journey into gardening. It’s for every person who needs a break from a busy life. Happy Reading!